REM Creatures

Oil on Canvas




"Why do they come to us, the animals?" What do they want, inhabiting our dreams?
Are they the 'animal guardians', as other totemic cultures would say? Are they coming to remind us of our affinity with them, to keep their presence before us? To guard against extinction, both theirs and ours? They may be coming to us so that the creation itself may perpetuate. If so, then they claim close attention such as Adam gave them at the beginning of the story of the world, now at what might be the ending of the story of the world.  They require us to find again Adam's eye … What is their need, their reason for coming into our sleep?
Perhaps they fear the loss of human kinship, that they have already been excluded from the next ark, in which virtual realities replace the smell of panther's breath and sheen of a thoroughbred's flank. Maybe they fear the Gods have deserted them so they have become a displaced tribe – merely an ecological "problem" for administrative solutions and charitable pity. Imagine – pity for an eagle! We cannot know what they come for until we first start to wonder."
James Hillman, Dream Animals 1997

Painting created on 'Colour in Your Life' TV program 
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