F&Q for 2021 PRINT SALE


CAN I RETURN AND EXCHANGE IMAGES IF I CHANGE MY MIND – For the 2021 PRINT SALE?– Unless there is something grossly stuffed about your product, there are no returns of exchanges for this sale, as this is a stock clearance at cost price and below. So choose carefully please. 


WHAT IF THE IMAGE I WANT IS NOT IN THE SALE?  Here is a link to the original store with all our available Limited Edition images at normal prices. https://www.helennorton.com.au/collections/limited-editions

Make sure you double check its not in the sale first.  Then you may place an order as normal for anything here, however it will be at standard price. Also your order may take up to 2 weeks to be delivered due to the sale.  Call me or drop me an email if any questions. Helennorton04@bigpond.com


HOW LONG WILL MY ORDER TAKE TO ARRIVE For the 2021 PRINT SALE? –  please allow 2 weeks from your order time.

DOMESTIC SHIPPING - Shipping is free over $200 orders for Australian orders.

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING (For the Sale) – we can’t send framed items to you outside Australia for this sale without checking shipping cost. The cart may charge you an amount, but we reserve the right to check this and notify you of the charge, and refund your order if it is too much.