Test two coloums Helen

And this is the entire point of the exercise

The exercises where you allow yourself to fail are in fact the most powerful of all the painting exercises.We learn 'about' ourselves in this process. We learn what we are drawn to, and about self judgment and

how hard we are on ourselves.  You have to become your own 'keeper'. If you were your own parent, would this be okay? Of course it would. The key is to allow yourself to destroy your work with a laugh. This helps break down your  'preciousness' factor that would prevent you from being generous and sharing your work with the world, (because you are not 'attached' to it, because you know there is plenty more where that came from, and because you know that this is a 'process of discovery ' that you can do over and over. You know you are an abundant creative machine!  That is a good thing.