Art Workshop - 2 Day Expressive Animals in Acrylic and Mixed Media - Aug 31 and Sept 1 2019

Animals in Loose Expressive Style

Acrylic and Mixed Media

2 Day Art Workshop

With Artist

Helen Norton

Location:  Lesmurdie WA (Perth Hills)

Sat 31st Aug and Sun 1st Sept 2019 9am until 4pm

$495 per person – you supply materials.
$595 per person - all materials supplied **(bring your animal photos please)

    For those who love to play intuitively with colour and have fun without too much structure.

    Suitable for all levels of experience – beginners to advanced

    In this two day painting workshop, our animals will emerge right before our eyes, in a world of colour, and passionate gestural strokes as we make sense of the chaos, without losing the energy and immediacy of this kind of painting style.

    What You Learn?

    We will take a minute to understand the style we are about to embark upon in the context of where it fits in the art world. This should give you confidence and a sense of clear purpose as we go forward.

    Then we roll up our sleeves. Starting with loose and fast and colourful studies, I will take you through the ‘thickets’ of uncertainty that often kill our projects before we get past the ‘WTF ... this is horrible’ stage (where we often give up). It’s all about trusting the sometimes chaotic process and I will lead you in and out of that – coaching you onwards! Similarly in the Abstract Floral Workshop, the idea is to create permission for ourselves to go through difficult stages and in fact learn how to lever them to create amazing work. Such is the artist’s daily struggle. You don’t have to know all this, but it helps when it comes to painting courageously. Much of the struggle is giving ourselves permission to be in this place, painting only ‘doggy essence’ for example. E.g. putting two black eyes and a nose in a mass of colour = “ah… a dog!” This kind of painting – is called many things, from expressionism, abstract expression, whimsical, to fauvism. It matters not what its label is, what matters is that we learn how. The style feels random, and as if it’s hit and misses, but it does not have to be. You can learn to be consistently random, and that is where this workshop comes in.

    Some of the things we will explore are:- 

    • Three colour challenge – how to get the most out of a tiny palette of colours, with a quick lesson in basic colour theory.
    • How to snap out of fussing around with detail, and getting stuck in fear.
    • Other things we will touch on as we go through the 2 days are - negative space painting, composition, line, edge, tone, using neutrals, and yes these basics do matter even in abstract expression paintings but they won’t spoil your freedom, they will reinforce it.
    • How to make your colours explode on the canvas using some special tricks. So it’s no longer just an accident when it happens (although creative accidents are great too)
    • How to see things differently so you can create something you never expected.

    What Are We Painting?

    Your favourite pet or animals you love. Please see the notes in materials for what kind of photos to bring.


    What You Take Home

    • A stack of great small acrylic paintings on paper
    • 2-3 medium to larger size canvas




    What do you need to bring?

     VIP – Your photos (see more detailed information far below)

    • Material list below
    • Your lunch and snacks to nibble
    • Wear comfy clothes that don’t mind a splash of paint

     What I supply?

    • Coffee tea making facilities (by all means bring your special cup!)
    • Morning tea nibbles
    • Toilet facilities

     Who is this workshop suitable for?

    • This workshop is suitable for artists of any level of experience, and especially for those who love colour and just want to paint loosely and have fun. You do not need any art training to enjoy this workshop. I will touch on some art principles but they are there to help you get the best result you can.
    • This workshop is not designed for young children; however, young adults and mature teens are welcome. Please check in with me to be sure.

    How many are there in the class?

    • Maximum of 8 students

     Where is it?

    • Helen Norton Art Studio – Located in Lesmurdie * (registered students will be sent the address upon payment). Lesmurdie is a suburb in the Perth Hills and about 25-30 mins drive east from Perth city.

     When is the workshop? 

     Sat 31st Aug and Sun 1st Sept 2019 (2 days) From 9am until 4pm

     *See Terms and Conditions for Cancellations and Student Policies

     Bookings Essential:

    • Secure your spot – Payment must be made on our website to secure your spot. Please read our Terms and Conditions on Refunds and Student Expectations.

    What if I miss out?

    • If you have any further questions or wish to be placed on a wait list for this workshop if it is sold out please call me on 0418 921648 or email

     Cost:  2 Day Workshop

    Downloadable Materials List