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'WAR' Coming Exhibition in April 2015

'WAR' Coming Exhibition in April 2015

Once again fools in high places are beating the drums of war. Who tells the truth in times of war? Journalists, poets, academics, artists? Western media has failed dismally as a moral watchdog for the public, and acts only as a mouthpiece for warmongering politicians as well as a key provider of bread and circuses to the masses. There is no accountability. What is the artist to do? Paint flowers, landscapes and pretty bare breasted women or kids on swings to distract and pacify the viewer even further? If I paint images of carnage and destruction, showing the reality of what is done in our name to thousands of ‘others’ in faraway places, you will not look. Who wants it you might say? So I will paint war in magnificent bold colours, seductive forms, arranged to create maximum impact. The war in the west is with ignorance and all those who are involved in increasing it. Helen Norton 2015


Exhibition at Linton and Kay Fine Art Subiaco, opening night 23rd April 2015. Previewing on 18th and 19th April.

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