Have a look at Jo's testimonial below.  Jo joined me for 2-3 hours a week for 4 weeks, and created an amazing work based on her own idea. We also covered some arty business, some technical things about oil paints, and we also did a bit of work around really confirming Jo's own very special gifts for working with young children in the arts. Plenty of cuppa's, and paint in our hair, hence she started wearing overalls :-)



At left : My team of students at the "Landscape with an Animal Oil Painting Worshop" (see below for available places.) 
Link here for more photos of the workshop in progress


Terrific - everything I hoped for - she is a fabulous person, so enthusiastic and knowledgeable. Helen imparted her approach, style and application to us over the two days. Invaluable. Thank you Helen 

I liked everything about it. Fantastic location! Helen is a wonderful teacher. Helen is very "hands on". She is happy to show everything in the process of getting the painting done. I haven't touched oil paints for 25 years and was never very good anyway! Helen made it all seem achievable and it was!

I thoroughly loved the weekend. I enjoyed everything! I appreciate that you managed to let us experiment but kept us on track. That you were very honest and helpful while being very supportive and putting us at ease with your approach-ability, humility and humour. Your artistic passion is still very evident in your genuine enthusiasm and joy.  Thank you for keeping it fun! You have definitely ignited my passion for painting. I will certainly do more workshops with you. P.S My family were so impressed!

Loved working on a painting to completion. High energy, face paced, organic. I would say this is the perfect workshop for all levels as Helen showed us so many different approaches, techniques and ideas, and mentored and cheered us on all throughout the two days.

I loved everything. Helen is so generous with sharing knowledge, helping to create a beautiful painting. The feeling she creates makes learning easy. The studio and aspect from the top of the hill is so inspiring. If you are on the fence, just do it. Lack of experience is probably a good reason to come as you learn so much!

I loved the relaxed atmosphere and yet intense nature of the sessions to complete the artwork in such a short space of time. I thought she really managed her time well, pushed us to keep up but knew when to back off. A well balanced session. If you are unsure about doing the workshop, do not panic, Helen has the ability to lift your confidence and her hands on approach will enable you to keep up.

I had not painted or experienced any learning in painting before. I enjoyed every minute. My learning was validated, my self curiosity about what I could do was achieved. I am eager to do more workshops with Helen, so I can build on my knowledge BUT most of all have fun, be absorbed in creativity and have a painting to take home - what more could you ask!
The two days allowed for a good pace, never felt rushed or boring, and I got to leave with a completed painting. Helen was very generous with her knowledge and techniques. Very encouraging and validating.  For anyone without experience and feeling nervous about doing it, I had absolutely no experience. I learnt so much, especially how to let my creativity loose and that everything can be fixed or at times my mistakes became my expression of creativity!

Helens confidence is infectious, her workshop is interactive and fun.  I have enjoyed the workshop so much. Helen is a wonderful person and a great teacher! What I also liked about the workshop was spending time with like minded people who were all very different. Helen really installs confidence in everyone. For anyone feeling nervous about doing the workshop - that was me, and now I am so glad I didn't get in the way of myself. I had so much fun, so step out of your comfort zone!

What I liked about the two day workshop was: the energy and focus, having a finished product, having two days to focus on a project and a process. During the workshop, Helen touched on principles, but she also took us on her creative journey - and how she approached it. She kept people on task, and assisted but consulted, sharing how she created. To someone in doubt, Helen teaches what is possible, and practical. She stays in the moment, is generous with her time and skill. Go for it, it will set you on a different path!

Thank you Helen! I have been an admirer of your work for such a long time - it was an experience I will treasure forever, to learn from you and work alongside you.  You lead and teach by example and I wish you every success in future workshops!  I predict I will be a returning student.  What I loved mostly was learning a new skill - have always been scared of oil paints. Taking home a beautiful painting with lots of techniques incorporated. What I loved most about how Helen taught the workshop was that she was a beautiful lady, hilarious but so generous with her time and know how. So helpful and positive. If you are on the fence about doing it, just do it! Oils are an amazing medium and Helen is very explicit and clear with her direction and instruction.

I loved the class and Helen Norton! She's an expert at what she does and I learnt so very much. She is generous with her knowledge and hands on with help - tireless in helping us feel great about our work. I would recommend this workshop to anyone interested in developing skills. It is a serious workshop! Thank you Helen


I learn't so much regarding the technical aspects of paint and the application process of paint. I've admired your work for years and after meeting you, you've inspired me new elements into my painting journey. Thank you so much for inviting us into your studio and I loved meeting 'mad dog' George, and Ruby.

Helen is truly a unique, generous and gifted artist. Her talent is only fully appreciated by seeing her in action during this workshop. This two-day intensive workshop has helped me create such an amazing piece of artwork in literally 14 hours. Oil painting is certainly not easy. What would usually take several days to accomplish, Helen has made this journey so positive, seamless, focused, structured and so much fun. Having not painted since primary school, Helen has made my learning experience such a ‘walk in the park’. Helen not only taught us the basics of oil painting and but she also fostered the kind of confidence to really help and inspire us all to produce something that would certainly not be possible anywhere else. I am so grateful I got the opportunity to do this workshop and would recommend it without hesitation.


I have had the pleasure of being mentored by Helen Norton via Zoom over the past 6 weeks. Helen is a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of being an artist and running a business in the world of social media.
I have learnt not only techniques to further my art skills but so much about myself and my personality type how to manage myself and action the goals I have set in place.
I have so much more knowledge about setting up and managing an art business. Selling and marketing my work and other avenues to pursue.
The mentoring has been so valuable above and beyond what I expected and I now have a mentor and friend for life.
Thank you so much for your kindness and for sharing your wisdom
Narelle Kaye