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2008 The Process - (The Artist as Mercury - Hermes)

2008 The Process - (The Artist as Mercury - Hermes)

In this imperfect essay I wrote to a fellow creative friend (a writer) to describe just one creative process experience while creating  the painting "Step Carefully into the Cleavage".  The idea was to demonstrate not so much a 'step by step' guide of how to paint, but more so a consideration of how ideas grow and transform when surrendered to the creative process.  There are many other ways to approach a painting technique wise and in the interest of constantly creating new ways of seeing - I adopt many different ways at random times to create a work.  In this discussion I toy with how ideas evolve using the tools of reality and imagination.  It really is an intellectual indulgence about process. So enjoy or avoid!

  1.  Starting with a photo (use of technology) and an organic visit to a location - reality.
  2. Creating a painting with an organic process of the mind – drawing upon imagination.
  3. Then playing with that again with technology – reality?
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