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2008 Broome - Holgram Man (Opening Talk)

2008 Broome - Holgram Man (Opening Talk)

Broome 2008 – Hologram Man

 Opening Introduction speech given by Helen Norton at the opening on Thursday 10th July 2008 in Broome West Australia.

 “I left Broome for other adventures abroad and interstate 8 years ago.  Prior to this I spent 13 years in Broome developing my ‘vocation’ as an artist amongst other things on top of an already colorful early life in the outback doing everything I could with about the same level of passion as I apply to a painting now.  

This week, as an artist, I am sitting on the boardwalk at the Cable beach club doing my ‘long overdue service to the public curiosity’ as the ‘artiste in residence’ being nurtured and fussed over by the magnificent and tireless Sue Tom.

 Many people are asking me similar questions.  Something like:-  Read more here: PDF

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