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2015 WAR Exhibition at Linton and Kay Gallery Perth

2015 WAR Exhibition at Linton and Kay Gallery Perth

June 20, 2015

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Notes from the studio:


(A problem to solve on the canvas)

 Helen Norton 2015


The world is about 2 degrees beyond boiling over like a pot of scalding milk.  Psychopathic fools in leading Western nations are pushing the fire higher oblivious to the danger and the option of solution.  Why?

Abuse of power by political and corporate leaders is not new, but the shortage or demonising of rising heroes to counteract them is. Those who support the heroes are deemed traitors, or terrorists.  Individuals and associates (corporate and political bureaucrats) seeking personal or ideological end games and benefits through positions of power have worked their way into controlling many authority or information mechanisms.  Deliberate strategies to increase ignorance, deception, suffering and misery to many others counting on good leadership are being adopted with no hint of conscience.  Wrong and corrupt premises become basis for leaders taking positions as par for the course.

 Tactics – such as maximising conflict and abuse in distant countries which are out of sight (exotic and underdeveloped), to avoid accountability in home state ensures the engagement is with the ‘mystery of war’. Manufacturing of demons in far off places who ‘might’ pose a threat ensures fear and approved funding is maintained from the tax payer.  War becomes a fantastic business in which fortunes are made (by a special few controlling the narratives) and entire countries are bought for pennies on the dollar.  It is far too fabulous to end.  Majorities are convinced, and approve their own imprisonment.

There is no logical reason for any current war to continue.

Only magical reasons.

How to respond with art?  Its ridiculous!

Remake the world - block by block, step by step.  Use the colours and forms as strategy.

Examine the ‘parts’; each colour; each section, and how it reacts to the piece beside it.  Respect for colour relationship; form relationship; harmony in opposites; possible complementary's and find metaphors.  Forms that meet; triangulate; overlap; curve in; vibrate well.  Together they stand and are productive.  They are not one world, not a blended mess, like the goals of the New World Order.  Together they form a useful composition but only because of the strength of each on its own, and its magnificence alongside ‘the other’. 




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