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Bush Dogs and the Dog Refuge Home

Bush Dogs and the Dog Refuge Home

Dog Bites Leg

A small reflection on the culture of working dogs and their struggle in a domestic world.

 One of the interesting things I discovered when I lived in the outback for decades was that the qualities most guys looked for in their dogs were the very same ones that town folk would regard as 'undesirable' and in fact be cause for the dog to be put down. 

My partner (back then) and I had a dog named Charlie, a blue heeler - bred and designed for hard work in the cattle yards. He was prized by everyone on the cattle station because he would bite anyone that came near the back of the truck, and he could ride on top of the cabin across very rough outback tracks without falling off even in massive potholes. Axles broke in those holes, but Charlie had velcro feet. Holly molly! Guys loved that. A good protector and Spiderman magic! 

The thought gives me nightmares now. However, one can see how the culture matters as to how a dog is valued. Back then no one would even think of complaining if they got bitten on the arm or leg. They would more likely be thinking of adopting the spirited little fella.. .because of his sass! 

When I visit the Dogs' Refuge Home of WA here in Perth, I always feel my heartstrings tug when I see the 'lone rangers' who are really not suitable for some families and think of how another world away they would be snapped up because of who they are. Are you a lone ranger who would like a furry friend? Give the Refuge a call, because not many people will take these pups. 

Speaking of remote places, this is the link to Dogs Refuge Home 'cause' I will be donating to at this exhibition. The rescue of dogs in remote locations. I will make another post on this, but you can make a wee donation at this link


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