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Life Will Eat You

Life Will Eat You

'Life Will Eat You'- 92x92cm Oil on Belgian Linen, recently found its new home.
Its so wonderful that this painting has finally found its owner. I love that being an artist  allows me to explore the inconsistencies between 'what we think life is' - against 'what it feels like it is'.⁠⁠
The great wash-up (laundry of life) ends up being quite bizarre - full of the best of men and the very worst - creating our reality. ⁠⁠
Sometimes I feel like our pain and suffering only occurs because we REFUSE to understand that each one of us is capable of contributing to that suffering and pain through seemingly innocent acts or more importantly inactions. The worst of which are :- willful ignorance, an inability to tune into our internal compassion and instinct, the laziness of the mind, and brainless surrender to whipped up fear - because thats the easiest path. It's also the path of cowards. Cowards are dangerous.⁠⁠
You will never overdo listening to your heart, about what is right or wrong, in preference to just sitting there like a blob and eating the propaganda beaming out through your television.

If you are not the feeling type, then what about ACTUAL SCIENCE (not marketing pseudo science which is in the flavour of political, 'news' psyop, or other media) - which shows that nature gives us the capacity to make decisions based on what is best for our societies to thrive, in order for our species to continue.⁠⁠

Healthy societies do not stamp out and censor questioning of 'directives' made by unelected or 'ELECTED under false pretence), bureacrats. Just because someone complains about what you are doing, that does not give you the right to 'squash them' like a bug using the full force of the state aparatus, and yet that is what is going on right now across Australia.

The same 'bureacrats' are often cowards trying to make sure they have no personal accountabilty or liability for anything. How do they do it? They nominate you should wash your children in bleach so everyone is safe. Who thinks a drug company should be without any liability for the consequences of what is fast becoming a mandatory injection? Why has the government signed such an agreement with them to protect them from any liability should their product hurt, maim or slay those being given it on the government dollar? This is the ultimate government welfare is it not? 

What is that? We all know what THAT is, now say it out loud! Scream it from the roof tops because it's fast becoming illegal to do so. Why do we speak in hushed tones at these 'oddities' of ethics, that would not even pass the stink test of a skunk, let alone be protected from the publics eyes and inspection through freedom of information by commercial confidentiality agreements the drug companies have forced governments to sign? What happened to ethics? Do we even know what they are? 

Healthy societies do not stick experimental and dangerous concoctions into their children in order to protect their elderly. You do not sacrifice the young for the old. unless you are a sick society.  Why are you listening to that and agreeing to it?

As a simple matter of common sense and economic efficiency, as we have always done, you simply protect the minority in danger - the elderly. How hard would that have been in compare to what has seemingly been 'ordered' from some great poobars throne in the global clouds to all Western countries including ours? 

Healthy intelligent societies do not collapse entire ecomonomies with blind sweeping dictates unless they have no concept of where their money comes from in the first place. I rest my case.  Why are we being led by this moronic type thinking? Why is anyone congratulating them on it. Are you mad?
Thriving is only possible where harmony, abundance, and trust is clear in 'authorities'. We are back in Feudal times. YOU the tax payer cannot look at what you are paying for, because its a secret. Why is it a secret? 

Creating trust as a firm principle of a thriving society is the reason the Law (capital L) was created. There must be a sense of predictability, fairness and clarity around what you have to do to get along, and what the boundaries are. The cultural structures of the Spiritual (capital S) were allowed to grow so that all parts of human life were free to express themselves. That is why we feel good when justice is fair, and provides freedoms promised, and when we are kind to others and ourselves not because we will be punished if we are not, but because we want to and we know why we want to.

It is a place where we are granted our own responsibility for being intelligent beings and not told 'not' to watch sunsets and to stop singing, talking to others, and drinking beer through an open mouth.

That is when we feel safe from those we give permission to be the guardians of those 'arrangements'. ⁠⁠This is all constructed upon earned respect. Respect is earned in my view, not automatically assigned. I know however much of the population 'assume' it is to be given to those who for example sit in big chairs or have special name badges and titles.

When those given public responsibility abuse it, for some 'political, personal greed or warped ideological idea' (that serves their ego), or because they are simply idiots, and cannot do their research with an open mind due to the bubble they live in, the society becomes sick. It starts to eat its own. The individuals in the society stop working together, they forget that each one of them is a powerhouse of perfection and a genius of survival. ⁠⁠

⁠⁠The reason is that they disconnect with the larger source of authority - Mother Nature (God, etc), and align with petty ideals, with dubious motives and very low ceilings.



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