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ONLINE WORKSHOP - Paint Three Paintings in One Session Fast and Loose

ONLINE WORKSHOP - Paint Three Paintings in One Session Fast and Loose

May 10, 2020



Overview of the Workshop

In this workshop which is suitable for ANY stage of experience from absolute beginner to fabulously genius painter extraordinaire - the intention is to work fairly fast and loose.

Maybe you have always wanted an excuse to just go a bit nuts and paint like a mad thing rather than getting stuck in every single brushstroke, fearing it is 'the wrong one'. Well, this is the workshop where you can cut loose and just do it.

It's all about not getting stuck in too much self-judgment. The idea is to move from one painting to the next before the painting is completed so that you can stop yourself from losing sight of the bigger picture and the feeling of each painting. We have a little break from painting one painting before its finished and move onto another one, so we are refreshed when we return again. It's a bit like musical chairs! This is a great method for not getting too attached to one work. How easy is it to go down the rabbit hole of obsession over one painting, pecking away at it for hours to no avail or even for it to become worse!

Despite the seemingly scattered and random nature of this bouncing about from one work to another - there is a method in the madness that is applied to each work. The shifting of subjects is deliberate. Of course, if this just makes you dizzy, you can work on one painting at a time, by jumping to the specific modules of one subject, however, why not challenge ourselves to be a truly abundant creation machine!

As you spread your skills across three subjects you will become familiar with the paint, and the movement of painting faster and also looser. You will get surprises! You will build confidence this way or just have a great time 'making making real stuff, real art'. The great thing is, we end up creating three stunning works that we can truly call our own - in the same time as we may have painted one! And yes you can choose your own subjects or you can follow along with mine.

I completed all three paintings in just over an hour and a half, so it won't take long - even if you allow yourself another hour or two, but not too long remember as this is about being loose and free.

Imagine that, imagine in the two hours you may have spent looking at cute cat videos (no wait ... I love those) - what about just flicking through social media mindlessly - to no avail. Instead, there you have a small collection of paintings in front of you. Amazing! You can do it!

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