The Dangerous Shores

Oil on Linen 122 x 152cm 2021

This painting will be made available via online Auction HERE (link will activate when the auction opens)

The Dangerous Shores is a painting from Helen Norton's upcoming works which explore our memory of the Garden of Eden - and whether we need to return or learn from the idea of a raw and magnificent wilderness that man has not yet disturbed and spoiled. The question can't be answered fairly unless we throw in the imaginary (spiritual and creative aspects of human thought and direction) as well as the archeological evidence of our past. 

Should what's left of our beautiful world be 'preserved' for a select few, with those few the ones who decide that they are the select few? As they get on board the 'ark' of the surviving future, are they leading the world, or are they simply greedy powerful mugs stealing the future for themselves at everyone else's expense? 

You can see why some eugenicists would like to 'wipe out the mess', with a great virus, man-made disease, vaccine, or famine). Is it a bunch of rich elite powerful people to play the role of 'God'? God became the ultimate eugenicist in the story of the great flood in the bible. Wiping out the bloody mess humanity had created in order to 'start again'.  There is no doubt it has crossed every one of our minds at times when we see atrocities being done to our 'garden of Eden. 

We all know the world is overpopulated. So why is it so hard to make the changes needed collectively to prevent our 'coming flood' for our own good?

It's because we live such small fleeting personal lives of roughly 3 score years and 10 (72.6 is the average on earth) and thanks to all the wonderful 'technology' of our lives have no time to think about the future of our grandkids because 'someone else' is supposed to be doing that. Well, those same 'someones' are making decisions about a big clean-up, and we might not like what they have planned.

These works, explore not only the darkness of the mess we are in, but hopefully the incredible beauty of the blessing we are bestowed by being given the capacity to use our imagination and aspiring heart to heal our world. As bleak as things seem, that human wild card offers us an opportunity to even know about the beautiful garden and the delicate nuances of love.