1989 First Broome Studio


My first 'serious' studio.  The small spare bedroom in Orr St Broome. I do wish I could fit in one room again!   However when I go on the road and take my studio I really only need enough room to swing a cat.  A few fold up tables (for paints, brushes and palettes) and something to work on (easel or propped up canvas)

If you look carefully, under the table on my left is a yellow box.  This contains an old corner clamp set which I used to join the corners of my homemade picture frames.  I would cut them using a mitre box and sharp hand saw.  One of the important issues to get my career started was being able to offer ready to hang artworks for shows, and in those days 'stretched canvas' (with no exterior frame) was not acceptable or regarded as presentable!  How much easier it would  have been.  So I seriously think start up artists have much fewer logistic hurdles to overcome now with lovely and cheap pre-stretched canvas readily available and no need for the expense and trouble of external frames (unless you are working on paper).

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