• My rolled artwork has arrived, in a post tube.  What now?  How do I get it on the wall?
  • What is a Stretched Giclee Canvas Print?
  • Is there somewhere I can physically view the artworks?
  • How do look after my artwork?
  • What is a Giclee Fine Art Reproduction?
  • What is a Limited Edition?
  • What is an Unlimited Edition?
  • What is a Mini Print?
  • More information on Rolled/Stretched/Framed Canvas and Paper artworks.
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    My rolled artwork has arrived in a post tube.  What now?  How do I get it on the wall?

    You can now have it stretched, or framed. 



     Stretching - Where the canvas is stretched over 32-35mm deep pine stretcher by your local framer.  This is the most affordable option and will give you a contemporary clean artwork that's light and easy to hang.  Note, stretching is for canvas prints only, paper prints will need to be framed.


    Framing - In addition your art can framed in a traditional manner by your framer, with a frame of your choice, for a magnificent result.

    Is there somewhere I can physically view the artworks?

     We no longer have a gallery which is open to the public. However we do have a studio where you can make an appointment to view special works or originals. This is not a showroom but we can arrange viewings for you of original works or stock we have on hand if you want to select, but please note this is a private address. You can also arrange with us to pick up your artwork if you need it in a hurry.  We are located in Lesmurdie in the Perth Hills.  contact us or see further contact here


    How do I look after my artwork?

    Although all our Limited Edition artworks are printed with high quality light fast inks, we recommend you avoid hanging any works in direct sunlight.  If you are arranging to have your artwork framed yourself, we recommend all materials touching the artwork be acid free.  

    If you have any queries about how to care for your artwork, please contact us.

    What is a Giclee Fine Art Reproduction?

    Modern computer technology and advances in the printing process have resulted in a revolution in the world of artistic printmaking and a change in the preferred way for galleries and publishers to make reproduction prints.   The Giclee process uses extremely fine droplets of nk that are transferred with incredible precision to heavy water-colour paper or canvas. Computer technology ensures that these droplets produce a resolution that is significantly finer than that obtained by conventional printing. This process captures the integrity of the original painting with ultimate accuracy and the reproduction of the work onto the finest quality acid-free cotton ensures archival quality (lasting up to 95 years without any discernible fading on paper and 60+ years on canvas).


    What is a Limited Edition?

    A limited edition print is as it states, limited in how many prints are made.  These artworks are usually signed by the artist (unless of course the artist is deceased), and numbered on the back (for canvas) or on the front (below the image) if on paper. Limited editions are always of higher value and are a perfect way of collecting art if you are in between the unlimited editions and originals.

    What is an Unlimited Edition?

    An unlimited or open edition print has no limit on its run, and frequently, it can be created in the thousands, tens of thousands, or more. It also costs less. Unlimited edition prints are a great way for people of all budgets to get art into their homes. Unlimited or open edition prints make fine art a reality for more people. Our unlimited edition prints are printed on acid free good quality paper with light fast inks, but that does not mean it will withstand direct sunlight!

    What is a Mini Print?

     These are unlimited open prints as above, and are about the size of a postcard, or slightly larger.  They are mounted with a white matt board surround.  Great for gifts, mini collections on walls and just gorgeous if you have limited space. Its all about the image! 

    More information on Rolled/Stretched/Framed Canvas and Paper artworks.

    Paper and Canvas Rolled: These works will be delivered to you in a post pack, rolled. You will need to have it stretched or framed for hanging. Great for storing if you are traveling or moving.
    Paper Framed: These works are presented with a matt board surround under glass with a white outer frame. This gives them a fantastic crisp look.  Ready for hanging.
    Canvas Stretched: Our Canvas artwork is printed with a 50mm colour border that wraps around the edges of pine stretcher bars. This gives a clean, contemporary look and makes for a light, ready to hang artwork.
    Canvas Framed: These works are presented in a modern box style frame with black sides and silver trim on the front. The frame is mounted on the back of your stretched canvas work. This creates the effect of the image ‘floating’ inside the frame.