At Her God's Whim, Savanna Death

Original Oil Painting on Canvas

100 x 130 cm1992 Beasts and Beauties1992 Beasts and Beauties

1992 Beasts and Beauties

A few generations ago woman faced the death of her children constantly as she tried to cope with life in isolated places in the outback, far away from help.

Savanna Death
You bring me here
So my babies will wither with the great time of dry
No sustenance from this lifes udder
You make me put him in a hold  out here
I stand on the edge
Bird of prey watches, waits for my tear
A moist novelty
My babies 
Their bodies washed away with big wet
Your world
Full of extremity
My fine lace is red
My turned wood is fodder
For small white beasts
Who suck the life marrow from them
My babies taken by Savanna death

Norton 1992