Original Oil Painting on Canvas

By Helen Norton

61 x 92 cm

2000 Bye Bye Sunfly

The Compromise

Along way from where he needed to be
Different eyes, realities worlds apart do see
While my brother looks for grace in the sun
I seek holiness in the fear that I run
What if and when she takes the reign
They will see me for my policy of pain
I can't work with the feeling of a gut!
In terms of accountability it wouldn't cut
I live in service of an order from above
Spare me from emotions and intimations as petty as love
She can't be me, that black eyed fiend
Complications and miscalculations always deemed
To belong to her appalling glowing organity
Shatter my order and drive me to insanity
Begon tail, you reek of confusion
But lo - you or me, who is the illusion?

Helen Norton 2000