Knock Knock

Original Oil Painting on Belgian Linen

By Helen Norton

92 x 122 cm

2000 Bye Bye Sunfly


Knock Knock  (Mother talking to Auditor)


Got you by the tail

Mouse with no whiskers

Now let me hear you wail


Stalk ‘me out’ you will?

Vermin for my appetite

Will reverse your intent of kill


Chew the frills of my soul

And poison your lips

If you dare to break the whole


You little pip squeak

You get naught but contempt

From the strength you thought was weak


I rule by default of your vision

Which keeps you dumb

And drives me with precision


Get back to the smaller place

You came from

And let me get on with my rule of grace


I am the mother of all and more

Including your existence

So step back through the door


You barged your way with ignorance and demand

You toy with power

You don’t understand


Plug your cord between my breasts

Cleavage will swallow you

And spit you from my nest


Lie to my children every day
One day they wake up

And then you’ll know about PAY


You forget you belong to me

I stand to remind you

Of mother undeniable and where you’ll be


I endear you to knock with care

On the next door

In your attempt at welfares dare


Remember the spirit of man

Is that he has one

Which he will use if he can


You will come down with a crash

Wondering why

The judgment be so rash


A warning to mice seeking to be

Old Tom cats and scarred Tabby’s

By deceptive turning of the key


Knock Knock, don’t push the door

On the peoples sacred responsibility

To run their lives from an internal law


Helen Norton 2000