Lurking Saint

Original Oil Painting on Canvas


By Helen Norton

76 x 92 cm

1999 Second Test

The fidelity of the human condition is such that it can be distracted from killing by waving a little red token in his face.  Here a red yo yo does the job, while marching comrades look up surprised at the ridiculousness of such a sight, the heralding saint.  Yet oblivious to the horror of another killing happening right before their eyes.  They have become horrifically desensitized to basic compassion and morality, yet a “surprise miracle” gets them every time


 Why do you torture yourselves?

I struggle to live with you

You are cruel

You are primitive

Hell on earth is none other

Than the confused observations

Of your own doings

Played in dimensions

You can’t see

With your eyes.

God is none other than the place

Of higher evolution in yourself

Some of us have seen that world

We have a genetic memory

That is why we will fight you

That is why we have inbuilt faith

You will not beat it out of us

You will not intimidate my presence

It is inherent and you are stuck with it.

We know a better way.

I am sickened, saddened to confess at times

I belong to your cruelty and shameful behaviour

Some are sent to try and teach you

Patience is hard, you are slow

When I get home I will need to rest

From this task of your burden to lift.