Resting Heroes

Original Oil Painting on Belgian Linen


By Helen Norton

90 x 120 cm

1999 Second Test



Oil on Belgium linen 90 x 120 cm 1999

The quilt is meant to portray the patchwork of the world.  The many facets of ourselves, sewn together in absolute harmony of colour and form.  So different but so much the same.  Each colour resounding off the one next to it.  Not needing to be separate, not needing to isolate culture.  A collaboration of what we are from the perspective of our basic human needs and desires and feelings.  The hero’s rest beneath this overlay, tired from much work achieved.



 Like the multifaceted crystal

Light shines from many directions

Off many planes

Onto your face.

And from within the place of the jewel

There are a thousand windows

To look out from

But the soul lies deep

In the center of the rock

Kept there for a million years there

Locked away

The rainbow will flow through

The eyes of the crystal


Into the blue

To free the radiance

Of a beauty that belongs

To a deep heart.

The colours are the ones of our world

Placed beside each other in a palette

Of wonder

The pot of gold that sits at the rainbows end,

Sits at the beginning

Which end is which is only

A matter of opinion

As the gold sits where the rainbow

Touches down on the earth

This is the land we walk.

Norton ‘98