Returning Love to Life

Original Oil Painting on Belgian Linen


By Helen Norton

90 x 120 cm

1999 Second Test

The team sails in the grail cocoon and return love (mermaid) to the sea.  The sea representing deep feelings, mystery, depth, foreverness and life.  Aided by scientific device, used for good, utilizing science and spirituality and balancing the two to find harmony.



 To trust love

To move through you

Like a flowing river

Alive with the healing nutrients

It brings


Not to fear love

Settling like a stagnant pool in

Thine heart

Rotting and spoiling


Love that belongs to the world

Of open doors and windows

Where gentle breezes and fresh air

Flow and inspire


The systems design for love was

To put locks and chains on her free will

To let her choke on stale air

Re-used and abused till it became toxic

And we drowned on what once gave us life


Love she comes and goes as she pleases

No Kings or nations leaders

Can own her true heart

On that we must be sure

And remember she is a gypsy

A vagabond

With bells on her toes

And forever free

No tax can find her

No jail can hold her

No law can limit her

Her power makes kingdoms

Poor by compare

 Norton ‘98