The Enemy at Practice

Original Oil Painting on Belgian Linen


By Helen Norton

120 x 150 cm

1999 Second Test

Deep in the protected caverns of the black suited men, rumblings of threat to their exclusive rule are felt.  They set about the task of attempting to prepare themselves for the “Test” to come, where they will have to be accountable for the directions taken and for their very reptilian policies of instant gratification, including such atrocities as feeding the lambs low nutrition meals and comfort that in the long run would lead to the weakening of their constitution mentally and physically.   Making them even more dependent on the system for medical assistance and leadership.

The men of the surface

 From the surface they come

The white men not of the sun

Live in cool boxes with education

To the showers of cleansing they hasten

He trusts no man on his word

He gives none that deserves to be heard

White collar that floods with contempt

An honor as a degree is not what we meant

Unlike the man with his feet on the ground

Who still feels blood stir him like hound

He does smell the shit where it lands

And stays in the place where he stands.