The Final Test (All out for a Duck)

Original Oil Painting on Canvas


By Helen Norton

120 x 150 cm

1999 Second Test

All out for a duck!  This is a bit of a Gun Ho!! final justice for the system.  Using its own judgment.  Turning the grail it has held over everyone’s heads as a weapon on itself. The men in black cringe before the last delivery of the red ball that will no doubt end in LBW (Love Before War).  The lambs wait on the side lines, the white dog watches from the pavilion door, the saint hovers above. The duck pre-empts the event.  The brief case is abandoned and the paper work is lost..


 The enemy of the ego

Came to battle

On a fair white horse

Into the face of the ego

Was flung the sword

Of boundaries

The freeze of the hot blooded train

Love rode in

Whipped and welted

Ego retreated

His pride exposed

For the façade that it is


Norton ‘98