The Pay Advance

Original Oil Painting on Canvas

By Helen Norton

150 x 120 cm

2000 Bye Bye Sunfly

The Pay Advance

Ice maidens shudder when you breathe

We needed you, why did you leave
The corset of air you freely take
Was not for us for prides sake
Dam your stony hearts to hell
At the bottom of the world under the swell
We’ll remember you in our last faded thoughts
And become poor bloody hero’s in your courts
That will cry at the useless waste
Of mortal souls denied a death of haste
Your frozen black boots march above
And would crush the head of the wounded dove
We die for you oh mighty one
And never more our eyes upon the sun
Cross our hearts and hope to die
Not for us to ever know why
Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum
Well wait here now until you come.

Helen Norton London 2000