The Recovery of Love (Cannon)

Original Oil Painting on Belgian Linen


By Helen Norton

120 x 120 cm

1999 Second Test

A broken church, a symbol of system in the background.  A file of the eleven men rescuing the symbol of love and vulnerability (mermaid) from the deserts of over ordering and systematisation of a natural and flexible human race.

The cannons of past revolution lie inactive and as a reminder of battles fought by the people for the people in the past.  Perhaps in vain.  The purpose of the battle on the day was soon distorted into a repeat drama of what the problem was in the first place.  When you don’t root out the weeds, they re-grow.

If you do not address the basic mannerisms of yourself and your fellow travellers, you will easily fall back into that which you detest.   If focus and blame is always “out there” and we don’t take the responsibility ourselves for change individually first, the thing will bite our butts.  More importantly we can become worse than the thing we criticise.  We become the “thing”.