The Saint and the Lamb

Original Oil Painting on Belgian Linen


By Helen Norton

120 x 90 cm

1999 Second Test

The use of the “lamb” is not meant to be derogatory so much as symbolizing a movement, not unlike the description given to Jesus as a shepherd, I am sure to describe his followers as sheep.  Sheep have been known to move in herd like fashion, oblivious to individual activity or choice.  I suppose like many creatures in nature. Even Pilchards, It just didn’t work as well using pilchards or sardines.

The saint symbolizes the ethereal hero; the woman (who looks like someone’s mother) clutches his hand as if he is her only connection to servility.  Showing her vulnerable state and so many like her.

The tear actually formed on the painting in the studio after it was painted, maybe a splash from across the room? condensation, or a gecko’s urine?  Whatever it was, it was strangely like the miracle stories and “goings on” in shrouds etc., around the world.  The artist decided it should therefore be painted in where it was found that day.