The Selection

Original Oil Painting on Canvas

150 x 122 cm

1992 Beasts and Beauties

A few white men took young black girls with them as stock workers, cooks and bed warmers.  They dressed them like boys and quite often the team wouldn’t even know that they were any different. The children’s spirit in the hands on the wall.  Their world of evolution, lizards and dreaming as she is wrenched out by a man, white of skin and blue of eye, as he looks to the heavens believing he is holy and justified in his ‘selection’.

Beautiful little girl
He chooses well
Black velvet
You go with him
He takes you
To hat and saddle
You’ll do
Your world cries
Spirits of ancestors
The rulers of dream time
Cry out
They take justice their own way
They wait in the drought
They wait in the flood
They wait in all things
That can take a white man
In this land of the mother
Beautiful girl
Daughter of your mother
I’m all around you
Don’t be alone.