Perth Telethon Exhibition Guest Artist

Looking for Gods.

 If you think Mythology is not important, a bit out of fashion, something from the past or an excuse for dodging reality – look to New York, one week ago today.

Was that important?

Man is the creative inventor of mythology.

Religion is the systematization of Mythology.

Myth is the root of any derivative religion no matter how individual or righteous a religion claims to be.   Myth is the core fund.  It is the prime initial capital investment of all our belief systems whether they be Buddhist, Christian, Islamic, Catholic, Hindu whatever…….

Myth is the beginning, the foundations.   Where it all began for mankind in his crazy adventure on earth.

By looking back to the earlier worlds and beliefs of mythology we can sometimes find the 56 billion-dollar question “WHY”?

We must remember that it is we mortal human seeds that are in control of our destiny.

We may change the future if we understand how we got to the present. 

It’s a bit nerve wracking for anyone less than the dare devil entrepreneur of life to take on this challenge.  And the bulk of the population doesn’t really want to deal with this responsibility. 

Hence the thriving of “religion” as a social institution without investigation or audit…...  Its so much easier for us as slowly evolving critters to fall back behind a veil of excuses and let someone else do the rules up.  To blame him or her, to evoke terror, then to chastise it.   To call ourselves the ONLY RIGHT WAY…..

When you take a stand as Right you unbalance the world.  Then there has to be a Wrong.   Someone has to wear it no matter which side you are on…… There is NO solution to this.  It only justifies terror and murder on both sides.

Myth is the core, myth started it all, myth is the mother of the world’s pain, and also the healer of it.    Belief started from myth. 

Osama bin Laden did not blow up the world trade center.  George will not launch a war. Belief blew up the World Trade center.   Belief will launch a War, which will slay millions of innocent people in retaliation. 

So once again if you think MYTHOLOGY is not REAL.  If you think that the real world has no room for fantasy, you didn’t see the world trade center blow up.  You didn’t see the 5000 people destroyed in the midst of it; you didn’t see that before this for many years 5000 women and children died of hunger EVERY MONTH in the Middle East because of sanctions imposed by BELIEF.

 And forgive me for repeating myself but Belief is the imposition and employee of the greatest President ever - MYTHOLOGY.

We are all gods, be they evil or good as we may define by some criteria or another. Tonight lets celebrate that somewhere deep in our hearts we know what to do. Lets try to remember that we are the inventors of problems and also embrace the story of FAITH and Hope as a metaphor to assure us we are the inventors of solution

  • As animals of the earth, we instinctively know everything we need to know.

 We have something in common, all of us, we must grasp this, not the war, the too much male Yang of the earth that has tilted the scales ……..

WHAT IS IT, what is the common thread, the uniting force?

We are all children of a mother.  The Yin, the femaleness of our earth, the nurturing loving warm breast of our mother is sick and needs your support.


Helen Norton©2001

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