"Whoever has been initiated in the mysteries of Love and has viewed all these aspects of the beautiful in due succession is at last drawing near the final revelation.  And now, Socrates, there bursts upon him that wondrous vision.  Which is the very soul of the beauty he has toiled so long for.  It is an everlasting loveliness that neither comes nor goes. Which neither flowers or fades, for such beauty is the same on every hand, the same then as now, here as there, this way and that way, the same to every worshipper as it is to every other”.   Diotima - to Socrates in the Symposium

"A certain quietness and minimalism is explored in these works. 'South' may be a literal direction on the compass, which is opposite to North - but may also be a metaphor for grounding the sense of what is above us with what is below us.  There is a difference between grounding into the earthiness of life devoid of and in denial of a spiritual awareness and that of grounding into the earth carrying a sense of the spiritual aspects of life being within the earthiness. That they may not even be apart.  I explore some very subtle feelings on this subject with such titles as  ‘What Drives the Flower’, ‘Eternal Breath’, and ‘Breathed By It’".   Helen Norton Feb 2007 

Feb 23rd 2007 - Yallingup Galleries WA

May 1st 2007 at East Fremantle Yacht Club WA


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2007 CJ Jung Society Cover