Norton has used a meditation on Dante Alegheri’s 13th century Cantos – “The Divine Comedy” and in particular the middle section “Purgatorio” to interweave the very old theme of Purgatory and the Seven Deadly Sins as seen by Dante, with her own creative thoughts on contemporary multicultural spiritual life. This has resulted in a very brave, potent and prescient body of work with easily definable references to current events, despite the theme being founded in observations made by philosophers thousands of years ago. 
“Psychologically we haven’t really changed much over thousands of years other than having become far more confused by too much information laced with fear filled judgment.  By removing our religious and cultural bias in order to freely and openly access some of the great cultural tools provided by the underpinnings of social belief systems we often find practical and well rounded personal and social guidelines to which we can refer throughout our life journey”.