Artist Helen Norton, has used the ancient Sumerian story of Gilgamesh, the first recorded story from 5,000 years ago as the underpinning inspiration for this exhibition of paintings. Her highly narrative paintings follow Gilgamesh and his wild-man friend Enkido through various archetypal trials of life ranging from the loss of innocence to the inevitable realisation of the emptiness in material striving. Enkido and Gilgamesh are inseparable however the value of this union is not fully understood by Gilgamesh the Sumerian King until he looses him. The wild nature man seems to represent the part of any man or woman, ancient or contemporary, that is aware of our natural selves. The Gilgamesh story has all the rudiments of a story of man becoming aware of his mindless destruction of the wilderness but only after it is lost. It seems environmental consciousness is not a new thing.