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Artists pondering on the works...

'The force of life keeps wagging its tail in our face no matter what we do with it. We are given a chance to start again every day, to re-think, re-vision, re-invent – to have another try. No matter what awful reality manifests in our daily life we get a shot to fix what is broken, or to accept it as it is with a less broken view. We are alive, therefore blessed with breath – and a chance to reach out with kindness or truth (even with its healthy sting) to others. For me there is no better metaphor for this life force than a dog’s attitude to the brain embattled human. We use them as lap dogs, babies, slaves, dim sims, best friends and even terrible targets for our misery, but he will always give you another chance should you change your mind and see him for what he is – a blessing'.

Helen Norton
Sydney 2017