One on One - SKYPE Artists Coaching - 6 sessions

Artists Coaching Online

(6 Sessions of 1 hour each)

Sessions are usually best at a set time once a week so we can keep the momentum going.

Coaching is tailored to the needs of you the artist and can be made up on practical painting process advice, studio things, emotional issues for artists, career and counselling advice, or even business advice - whatever is applicable to your arts career and work.

Some homework or tasks will be set for you to complete before the next session, so you can keep things moving and get the best out of our work together.

Being online, we can move our laptop around the studio together, and I will be able to show you some practical things, visually, such as techniques, concepts, demo's that are applicable to you, but be aware I can't yet reach through cyberspace to show you something on your canvas. 

Sometimes artists just need some pointing in the right direction with someone who has struggled just like them, through the self doubt, the confusion and chaos artists struggle with due to the nature of our vocation.  We often just need to do some discovery of what is inside us already, to find our potential, with a trusted companion who will take this struggle very seriously. I am good at helping with that due to my Jungian Depth Psychology background.  

You can book a free 30 minute call with me on Zoom or Skype to check to see if I am a suitable fit for you before making the commitment. :-)

We can then work out a schedule that suits you.