"My view is that art is a very powerful tool of expression that anyone should be able to access without fear or pause, and I believe that if we have some of the fear around just starting removed, we can then use it properly as I think it is best used - to express the feelings and machinations we all have that are simply unable to be put into words." 



This link will take you to my new online teaching website! As well as all the courses, I have included three videos telling you a bit more about whats going on in the site and about me! I have not shared my story in the past other than a list of 'events and circumstances' on my biography page on my CV. Here is your chance to see a little more detail, well just a wee bit. Might save the rest for a book (I keep saying that!).

My courses are designed for any level of experience and I believe all levels of experience can gain something if we stay with the view that life is an adventure.