One on One - IN THE STUDIO - Full day - 6 hours working

Artists Painting in the Studio with me. 

We can get allot done in one day! It is an intense but fun day where I work right beside you, guiding you all day. There is a total of 6 hours of us working together on what you would like to work on. This might be one of the following or a combination.

  • Painting a particular painting - techniques, process etc - Just doing it!
  • Learning a new medium
  • Discussion about your art business, and advise about the 'back end' (canvas stretching, materials, packing paintings, publishing/printing, framing.
  • How to get your career going (what are the steps to get a name)
  • Finding your own style -that is true to your absolute core purpose in life
  • How to really loosen up and get in touch with your unconscious power as an artist.
  • Creative blocks

So we don't waste your precious studio time, we can have a free 30 minute chat before we start, so we can explore what you would like to do. I will structure your day so you get the absolute best from it.

P.S, yes we will add on our tea breaks and lunch! Painting for hours is actually extremely demanding, so we need breaks. That is part of how artists actually work, to allow breathing space for good things to reveal themselves.  Your actual painting time will be 6 hours.

You will be able to complete a reasonable size painting in this time if this is your goal, or many small ones depending on the medium and style we are working in.  If you prefer to work on business issues you will have a major plan laid out for your art business.  As a teacher I am pragmatic, imaginative, flexible and adaptive, but aware of you needing to meet your goals with concrete help.

 See more about for artists on this page.

You can book a free 30 minute call with me on Zoom or Skype to check to see if I am a suitable fit for you before making the commitment. :-)

We can then work out a schedule that suits you.